Dear Friends, my name is Elisabeth GEFFERS, my father is German and my mother is italian.

It is a joy for me to be here with you here in St. Marienthal. This annual event has proven to be a truly spiritual and ecumenical meeting between Catholics and Lutherans, a tradition dating back fifty years. 
Saint Pope John Paul II addressed the members of the first Finnish ecumenical delegation which had come to Rome thirty years ago in these words:

“The fact that you come here together is itself a witness to the importance of efforts for unity. The fact that you pray together is a witness to our belief that only through the grace of God can that unity be achieved. The fact that you recite the Creed together is a witness to the one common faith of the whole of Christianity”. At that time, the first important steps had already been taken on a common ecumenical journey towards full, visible unity of the Christians. In these intervening years much has been done and, I am certain, will continue to be done in Finland to make “the partial communion existing between Christians grow toward full communion in truth and charity” (John Paul II, Ut Unum Sint, 14).

I hope this Week in St. Marienthal will be a week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Internationale Konferenz: „Auswirkungen der Reformation für den Glauben und die Geschichte Europas“

Sonntag, 4.10.

Bis 18:00 Anreise der Teilnehmenden

20:00 Begrüßung der Teilnehmenden, Vorstellung des Programms, inhaltliche Einführung in die Konferenz

21:30 Gemeinsamer, interkultureller Kennenlernabend am Kamin


The international religious seminar is a new seminar type. It will  take place for this first time in 2015 from the 4th to the 11th October. 

The Religious Seminar in general wishes to focuse on getting to know traditions, rites and practice of religious faiths, depletion of prejudices, mutual acquaintance, development and promotion of mutual acceptance, tolerance, respect and estimation of different religions and cultures, as well as promotion of international European encounter.

In 2015 we will be starting the discussion with a major religious event which celebrates in 2017 its 400th jubilee: the lutheran reformation.  We will explore the history and meanings of the reformation and find out what  effects it had on Europe. 

A new Facebook group is also set up for this seminar.  Please apply for login here:

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