Interview with Buscar Sat


  1. How do you like to meet people of other religions and nations here in St. Marienthal?

I like it very much, because I think it is necessary to prevent prejudices as well as to resolve them. It is the only way to exchange views. I think, if you really want to understand each other , you have to learn from practitioners. In my opinion, if you ask an infidel about what a believer believes, it is as if a blind man tries to describe a landscape. 

  1. What do you think of the Marienthal-seminar?

Adding to that I have mentioned before, the important aspect about Marienthal are the young people, because they are of course our all future. They are open for knowledge and those being here really are interested in this issue and are not just random people.


  1. How did reformation affect your religion?

It is vitally important to adjust the rules of the Quran to the time, community and generation in question as well as to technology and science. So far interpretations never produced any aberrations, not least because Islam is pretty much based on moral principles which go hand in hand with a sense of justice.


  1. Do you think another reformation is necessary?

It happens all the time. For example, when we notice that there is a new illness and it is said that you should avoid everything that harms you, then we have to think about how to handle this new situation. Or another sample: Nowadays we have got lots of synthetics. Is it really necessary to kill an animal just to get its coat? It is forbidden to kill creatures of God. Or think about intensive livestock farming. I think those are aspects that have to be reconsidered.


  1. What do you think about the actions of Luther?

First of all, if somebody notices injustice or that anything goes wrong and he stands up against it and addresses the matter, that is courage. And if – whether it is the church or not – somebody acts against the Holy Scripture, everyone has the right to rise up against the unrighteousness. Consequently a lot of trouble arose and people died, but that is because the Catholic Church started to fight against Luther. It simply is pretty much normal that the prevailing power tries to quench a revolt. Because of that, most of the time a civil war is inevitable. Luther has tried to solve the problem peacefully. But the actions of his followers were not correct. However, Luther is not responsible for that, because he never called on them to kill others.

I want to emphasize that I neither equate Christianity with the Catholic Church nor that I think that all Catholics were the same.