Excursion to two denomination cathedral Bautzen

On Wednesday we all went to Bautzen to visit the Cathedral St. Petri. It is a double church, or to put it another way: it is used by both the Catholic and the Protestant community. 

During the Reformation, when most of Bautzen’s inhabitants converted to Protestantism, the cathedral chapter stayed Catholic. Only in 1525 the first ecumenical Holy Communion took place and since 1540 the church is used by both denominations. The interior was divided into two parts, separated by a high gate that was always opened. Everything, except the bells, is available twice. 

For hundreds of years the cathedral chapter has been the center of the Catholic minority in Saxony and Upper Lusatia. Only since 1980, the bishopric moved to Dresden.

The tour through the cathedral was held one of the ministers of the lutheran community Christian Tiede.

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