Reformation lecture

On Tuesday Mr. Dr. Matthias Donath visited us to tell us something about the impacts of the Reformation throughout Europe. 

He was born in 1975 and has studied history of art, Christian and classical archaeology. He is specialized on the history of Saxony and the architecture during the period of National Socialism.

First of all, Dr. Donath portrayed the general course of the reformation including the theories of Jan Hus and Jean Calvin. Subsequently, we learned about how the situation of a Europe with split denominations was handled. The Reformation fanned out over Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and later on over many other counties. Today the North is rather Protestant and the South rather Catholic coined. 

He concluded by elucidating the set-up of the Protestant and the Catholic community as well as the impacts of the Lutheran doctrine today.

Annotation: The lecture was held in german, we left out the english to make it more compact.

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