Today, we have the first workshop day. I have been around to see what the groups exactly do.

Here is a short review, what happened on tuesday.


On the first day of the Marienthal Seminar 2014, I accompanied a few different workshops throughout the day.

The actor group, guided by Andreas was casting all applicants. It was obvious that most of them were very nervous about the audition. I asked them for what reasons they wanted to participate in the short film. Some of them answered, because they want to experience something new, others said, because they were already acting in their past. They know that it might going to be fun. Some of them are even dreaming about a career as a famous actor.

Later on, after the cast, everybody was glad to start their movie-project.

My next stop was outside, where the camera-crew already started to film. They learn how to use all the technical equipment. By setting the movie, they have to show their know-how.

In the afternoon, I met the last group for the day: the short film group. They had already written the script where they would film. They are also responsible for the light, the cutting and the sound.

So the first workshop day is going to end. The groups are working hard. There are even first results. Tomorrow, we will have an excursion to Bautzen, to visit the Stasi-Museum and the city. 

Today the 23 of September we have interview three people from two diffrent countries. Sweden and Germany here in St. Marienthal.


The first interview partner is Sofie Gunstedt from Sweden.

How does it feel to be here in Marientahl? 

It is really fun and intresting. It is my second time here. 


What has change since last year?

Last year, there were more people. But I think it is good this year anyway, because this time we get to know each other faster than last year.


What do you think about the Seminar? 

I think that it is really exiting and intresting. It is more history than last year.


The second interview partner is Georg Salditt from Germany. 


How doGeorg Saldittesit feel to be here in Marientahl?

I have lived here since 1999. But it is really nice to live here to have good people around here from the Seminar. 


What has changed since 1999? 

Today we are more people than in 1999. But back in 1999, buildings were destroyed. We rebuilt them up to now.



What do you think about the Seminar?

I think that it is a great Seminar, to meet nice people and it is also a good chance for Europe. 


How does it feel to be free and to travel around again after 1989? 

Very great and really fantastic. 


The last person we interview is Ellida Qwarnström from Sweden. 


How does it feel to be here in Marientahl for the first time? 

It is good and fun. I am so excited to be here. 

What do you think about the Seminar? 

We have a lot of fun in the seminar.



We talked to Relja Kovacevic from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How does it feel to be here?

It feels great. I have met lots of interesting people, get to know new cultures .I came here with really great people, so I can say it is a pleasure to be here.

What do you think about seminar?

It is great! I’m only say the very good because it has connected  people from all over Europe and we all have fun, do what we like and we learn one from each other.
I’m in the band. I play guitar. People are very friendly.

The subject of this year’s seminar is the political change in the end of the 1980’s. In your imagination, how does is it affect you?

I really love travelling, so I think, that it is possible due to the political change. Now it is able to meet a lot of great people from all over Europe and to make some nice experinces.


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