The last two days are remaining for the workshop groups to finish their projects. It’s a very intense race with time to have everything done before the “grande finale” on Saturday. People from the short film workshop have had a few difficult days behind them, but it isn’t time for relaxing yet. 

A lot of people are necessary for filming. From the director and costume designers to technical focused roles like cameramen, editors and people in charge of lighting and microphone. And also we cannot leave out actors who worked separately on the  first day.

At this point all the scenes have been filmed and all the material has been  passed over to the editors. Now it’s their job to put everything together.


ASEM HASSEM (18 years old), Eritrea, now staying in Gorlitz

- When you were a little child what was your dream job? 
- I wanted to do something connected with cars. So a mechanic.
- What is the situation of refugees in the world?
- It’s good...
- Can you tell us something about your journey to Germany?
- First, I left Eritrea. It was very difficult for me, because I left my family and all my dear ones there. When I came out of Eritrea, I went to Sudan. It took me 3 days to arrive at Sudden. I had to work for 3 years there to get the money to be able to continue my journey to Germany. I had to work at my uncle’s house. In Sudan I had to learn Arabic. Then I continued my journey through the desert of Libya. That took me 6 days. In Libya I stayed for 8 months. It was very difficult for me there, because I had to do very difficult jobs to get the money to be able to make it through to Italy. In December 2015 I immigrated to Italy, where I stayed for 3 months. After Italy I headed for Germany.
- Where do you live in Germany?
- When I was 16, I arrived at Germany and I had to stay for 2 years in a refugee centre. I started to learn German. When I was 18, I got a house, where I can live on my own. Today I continue to learn German and after I’m done with it, I would like to study to be a car mechanic.
- Do you have a job now?
- I still go to school to get the right education. I’d like to be a car mechanic but my hobby is football.
- Do you have a goal you want to achieve?
- I don’t really know what you mean? I think I have to finish school and get to work.
- If the situation in your country improves, would you like to come back?
- My whole family is there, so…
- What are your expectations/ wishes?
- I’d love to play football.
- Are you afraid of something?
- No! I’m not afraid of anything!
- What makes you happy?
- Good health and when others are happy, I’m happy too.
- If you had a chance to do anything, what would you do?
- I’d help people.
- What is the most important thing in your life?
- Health. To be healthy.

MOHAMMED ALELEIWI (24 years old), Syria (for over a year in Germany) 

- What do you think of the situation of refugees in the world?
- It’s a very difficult question. Every day in politics there are so many new situations and ideas about refugees… so this question cannot be answered easily.
- When you were a little child what was your dream job?
- I wanted to become an IT specialist.
- Do you have a job now? What is it?
- No, I have no job now.
- Are you afraid of anything?
- I’m afraid of politicians. When a new party comes to power, we maybe deported form Germany and
  there is a war going on in my country. That’s what I’m afraid of.
- What are your expectations/ wishes about your life?
- First I’d like to fulfill my goal of becoming an IT specialist. I studied IT in my country for two years so I’d like to get a degree.
- Do you have a goal you want to achieve?
- Yes, I want to continue my studies and improve my German.
- If the situation in your country improves, would you like to come back?
- Maybe… nobody knows, maybe yes maybe not…
- What makes you happy?
- Money, a lot of money.
- If you had a chance to do anything, what would you do?
- I’d found a university here in Germany for everyone willing to study.
- What is the most important thing in your life?
- First - health.

MOHAMED NOUR HAMMADA (18 years old), Syria

Could you please introduce yourself? 
Yes of course. My name is Mohamed Nour Hammada and I am 18 years old. I would like to study here in Germany and I have three sisters.
What do you think about the situation of refugees in the world and in Germany right now?
I think that refugees are forced to travel and they don’t have any other choice. They are taken from their home you know. They had to come here.
When you were a little kid, what was your dream job?
I didn’t actually have any dreams as a kid. I only wanted to be with my family. I also wanted to be rich, but it was just a kid’s dream, you know, and when I grow up maybe it’ll be my next wish.
Do you have a job now?
Yes, I do but when I have to go to school, I take time off because my school is more important than my job.
Are you afraid of something? What are your fears?
Yes, I have a concern that I will not meet my family. That’s all. I don’t worry about my study, there’s nothing to be afraid about.
What do you expect in your life now?
I think I will feel good here in Germany. I think that I will complete my studies and I will meet my family again, my whole family.
Do you have goal right now? What would you like to achieve?
Yes, I do have goals. Just like my friend, I want to be an IT specialist, I’d like not to disappoint my family and I hope to support them.
If the situation in your country changes, would you like to go back to Syria?
Yes, I think so, after I graduate from the German school.
What makes you happy in your life?
When my family is happy, I am happy.
If you had a chance to do anything you want, what would it be?
I’d meet my family and resume my study. And I hope maybe to get money and send it to help my friends in Syria, because they are always in need of money.
What is the most important thing in your life?
The most important thing in my life is to return safely to Syria, to return home to all the people there, they would be so happy. If they were happy, I would be happy, too.
Could you tell us about your family and the journey?
I have some family here but not many.. I’ve got 3 sisters, one is already married, but they are in Turkey. Every day they struggle with money problems because their journey is not going well. We tried to bring more family here but unfortunately it was impossible.
My journey to Germany started in Aleppo, I was heading for Italy and I was smuggled to Turkey. I stayed there for two months, I did nothing, I only stayed home and I already started to learn German but it was very difficult for me. I met my mum and sisters there, my father had already been in Germany for 1,5 years, I joined him with my mother but my sisters couldn’t come...


The music band is working very hard. They are practicing three songs: People help the people, You are not alone and Another day in paradise.
It seems to be very difficult, but everyone there tries their best and they show excellent teamwork. We’ve asked some of them about their work there:


What do you do in the band? Do you play any instrument or do you sing? 
I'm a singer for one song and I play the flute for other songs.

Are the songs difficult?
No, I think they’re ok. Not too easy, but not too hard, either.

How about other people? Do you get on well with each other?
Yes, we’re practicing three songs and it’s going pretty well.


Linda & Julia:

How about other people? Do you get on well with each other?
Yes! Everybody there seems to enjoy music. So we think we work pretty well as a group. Because we all are there for the same reason - we like music.


What do you do in the band? Do you play an instrument or do you sing?
We both are singers in the band.

Are the songs difficult?
We think so, it's a challenge for us. You have to focus and try your best, especially when we sing together, because everybody has to do it right to make it sound good.




Can you tell us what your workshop is about?
Pilar: It's about making short films and learning how professional camera works.
Valentin: My workshop is about short films. We are allowed to write a script for our own short film and then we're going to film it.
Ana: We’ve made one film. We wrote the script by ourselves, we filmed it and we did everything on our own. So it's really only our own work.

How about other people in your group?
Pilar: I like working with them, because everyone tries hard to be professional. We work together in small international groups and I'm in a very nice one.
Valentin: It's very international. I'm the only German person in my group, so we have to speak English all the time, which is good English practice.
Ana: It's good, because I can listen to opinions of other people at my age who aren’t from my country, but we share the same interests. So it's easy to work with them.

Why did you choose this workshop?
Pilar: Because this was the only workshop that interested me. And I like cameras, taking photos and recording videos, so it was the best option.
Valentin: I didn't choose it, I was just assigned to the group. But I was lucky, I think.
Ana: Because we can show our creativity in every aspect of filming - we make scripts, we act, we do everything from scratch.


 It’s the third day of the St. Marienthal seminar. At this point the ice has been broken, participants have been split into workshop groups and the work can start. We’ve chosen to visit the actor’s workshop and see what their first day looks like. We came in the middle of the script reading session. The actors already have their roles assigned and they are going through some of the scenes. After every scene they give each other feedback. We’ve decided to interview some of them.


What is your role in the film?
I'm the German guy, who makes friends with the refugee.

Do you like the script?
Yes, it's good, I guess.

Do you have any experience with acting?
Yes, I've been in the drama club. In Sweden we have art classes, so I attend acting classes there. But that isn’t acting for movies, it’s acting for theatre and it's a big difference.


What is your role in the film?
I'm only an interviewee in a interview.

Do you like the script?
Yes, I think it's very interesting. I like to watch the others trying to play their roles.

Why did you choose this workshop?
Because at my school I do a little bit of acting class too, so I thought this could be a new experience for me.

How do you feel about it so far?
We all are very friendly. Funny stuff happens, because they try the role again and again. I can't wait for the result-what it's going to look like.

Oliver-Leader of actors:

Can you tell us what your workshop is about?
My workshop is about the creative part of the short movie. I'm training the actors and I'm trying to work out the characters of that.

How do you feel about this year group?
There are very interesting people. They try to be honest in the characters. They are able to criticize the others but also open to be criticism and that isn‘t as simple as it sounds. I am enjoying working with them.

What do you consider the most important qualities of an actor?
For acting students it's important to be open-minded and look around for other people, who they meet on the workshop. To be open-minded about their characters. I'm looking for members with a smile.

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