- Have you been feeling comfortable for the first two days of the seminar?

-Yes, of course. This is my second year here so I know some of the people and I a

m also happy to me

et the new ones, everybody is so kind.

- How are you feeling in your workshop group? Do you think that people from different countries are going to work well together?

- Of course. I think we are going to work well. I am glad to learn what people at my age think about some things because we grew up in different environments, countries and cultures and it is very surprising to know how and what they think.

-What are you working on in the spots workshop? What is the main idea of your project?

- We don't have any main idea yet, we just know what the topic is, and it is the topic of the whole semin

ar. Now we are just doing basics of filming to make the best films we can.

- You have said that you aren't new in this project so, what workshop did you choose last year?

- I chose the same workshop that I am in right now, which is the spots.

- How have you been feeling for your first days here at the seminar?

- It is actually really nice, meeting new people from different places and I am enjoying it very much, it is a real fun.

- Do you think working with people from different countries and cultures is going to work?

- Yes and I think it is really good because we all have different points of view on everything, I might think something about a topic but you might be of a different opinion and we can compromise and get something that pleases everybody instead of doing it onl

- What are you working on in the band workshop?y on my or on your own.

- We are still deciding but we will probably play songs trying to include every instrument and all the singers to get some kind of unity, because that is what are we are here for. I just want to play and have fun with music.

-Thank you very much Beatriz.

The network students in the debate over the European UnionIMG 20181112 141843a

On the first day of this year seminar representatives of the students from 7 countries who arrived here for the annual international workshop took part in the debate over the weaknesses and strengths of the European Union membership. Having thoroughly prepared and considered the pro and against arguments their astonished us with impressive and substantive  speeches.

“Europe is a community. Europe is unity. Europe is a chance. Just the fact that we have the possibility to sit here next to each other is an example that this international dialogue and relationship are working” - that’s how one of the emotional speeches started just to be a while later opposed with strong and firm:

 “- The EU means unification of its people.

- The EU means political, economical and social future but only for the countries that are already rich and stable.

- The EU is killing national identity and forcing its members to trade national heritage for economical existence.

- The EU does not leave enough space for the member countries’ own decisions.

- With the refugee crisis, member states are forced to accept and support the refugees with the money they simply don’t have. In the times of freedom, the EU, one of the biggest alliances, does NOT allow the choice.”

We are people from seven countries working on an objective. Is this a good idea? Wouldn't it be better to have each country work on their own project alone?

Everyone that was interviewed or asked said that working in mixed groups is a great idea.

Today we have visited the spots workshop and the band and they looked great working with their workshopmates, who are from different parts of Europe.

If there were only people from the same country, there would be lots of advantages as they would understand each other much better and they would reach agreements more easily. But there would also be disadvantages, because it would be more difficult to present different points of view, opinions and ideas. And this is much more important than speaking the same language fluently.

If we ask these two workshops, I'm sure they will prefer to continue with the mixed groups rather than work with people from their own country.

We've warmed up and now we have to start the race, but not alone, we have to hold hands with the people we have just met, because this is the only way to get to the finish line successfully.

Another year, another intercultural seminar in Marienthal. This is the 25th time students from different Europe countries meet here. This year there are 57 students from 7 countries here. Every year students work in mixed groups to create something related to the seminars theme, which changes throughout the years and this year the theme is “Europe and EU – Don’t live it just through”.

This year students have a chance to choose in which of the 6 workshops they want to work in. There are actors, reporters, photo, spots, music and short film workshops. During the week students can learn and do things many of them can’t do at home, like making their own movies with professional equipment or learning how to take and edit the best pictures not only with phones, but with professional cameras, too. So this week students are working together with people they have never met before to create something original and to send a message to everyone, who is going to see their work. Also this year, for the first time, the seminar had a debate about the European Union and its strengths and weaknesses, which had great arguments from both sides.

Every year the seminar has a positive impact on the lives of students who come here. Some make new friends, some get inspired to make their own projects at home or find the courage to go to study abroad and to step out of their comfort zone to achieve something greater. And this year we wish, that students are just as open, friendly and creative as the previous  years and will go home with nothing but great memories, stories and impressions of other cultures.

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