DSCN37591- How have you been feeling in these three days of the seminar?

- On the first day I was very shy and confused. I was afraid that nobody wants to talk to me, but now I am relaxed and I have some friends.

- Are you happy that you have come here?

- Yes, definitely because I have just met new people and I am learning about different countries and this is perfect.

- What workshop did you choose?

- I chose actors because I have been making music all the time and I wanted to try something new and I have had a little experience with drama and that is going to help me here.

- Do you like to work with your group?

- Yes, they are all really friendly, so it is easy to work with them.

- Is there anything in the seminar that you don't like?

- No, not really.

- Which country is the most interesting for you?

- I think it is Sweden because I like northern countries.

- Which is the best part of the day?

- For me it is dinner because I like eating and it is the perfect moment to socialize with new people.


UrbanTwo teachers new to the seminar have been interviewed to get to know their opinions and ideas about this annual meeting. Do they think this is a waste of time? Are they having any problems in St. Marienthal?

Both of them think that it is the best way to learn about different countries and cultures, to enrich the students’ knowledge, they believe that this is a great idea and they hope that every student could do it somehow. They are new, but they are not having any problems here apart from some language confusions -  “I feel like home,” said Andreana - everybody understands and tries to help.

Urban 2They were both asked about any changes they’d introduce to the seminar and one of them suggested that science could be incorporated in a workshop and I totally agree because we all are part of the nature! The other teacher would appreciate having more coffee…

To conclude, both interviewees think that this is a very interesting meeting to come to and even name it “ a peace project for the future”.  “This is going to make the world a better place,” said Urban.

marcela p- I’m going to tell you a word and you’ve got to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Is it OK?

- Sure!

- Workshop? – Photography.

- Party?– Dancing.

- St. Marienthal? – Alot of people.

- Which workshop did you choose? Why?

- Photography. Because I like taking pictures and being in pictures as a model.

- Would you like to change anything in your workshop?

- No, I think everything is really good. I think Urban is a great teacher  and I like my workshopmates. And I’m happy here!

-  What are you working on in your workshop?

-We take photos of people in Marienthal and we are going to show the best in a slideshow on Saturday and at an exhibition.

- Would you recommend this project to other  students?

- Yes, because people here are open-minded and we can learn new things and meet amazing pals so I will recommend this seminar and I am going to try to come here again.

PilarPeople usually say that the first impression -about somebody or something- is the important one. I am not completely sure that this is always the case, but I believe that it does have a strong influence in your later attitude towards people or places.

As a school this is our second year in the International Seminar, and it is my first time both in the seminar and in St. Marienthal. And I must say that my first impression could not have been better. During the last few months, my colleague had provided me with information about the seminar. However, both the location and the development of the seminar have been more engaging than I had expected.

From the very first night the students got involved and became part of a big family within which they are building new relationships, growing and learning. Coming out of their own world helps them to understand other people’s problems -which may not be so different from their own- and to consider other ways of doing things. The initial games, the debate and the workshops have all helped them mix and work with students from quite different backgrounds, languages and expectations. It is a pleasure to watch them during the workshops, planning, discussing ideas, negotiating, in order to achieve a common outcome. And it is even more impressive to see them tackle the complex topic which they studied and have been debating.

As a language teacher, I think languages can sometimes build up walls. In the seminar, the students are obviously jumping over them and learning to communicate in another language, turning the barrier into a bridge. And last, but not least, the social part of the programme, which allows them to strengthen the relationship with their mates. Music, evening conversations, … are an enjoyable and fruitful way to get to know and value other people.

During this week, Marienthal also has an important part to play: the beauty of the setting, the light and the colours, the peace and isolation facilitate the contact amongst students.

Definitely, an intense and productive week which will have an impact on students’ life and on their attitude as European citizens.

DSCN37761- How have you been feeling on the first days here?

- I have been feeling very good. The people are really nice and I have made a lot of friends.

- What workshop did you choose? Why?

- I chose the short film workshop, because I really like the creative side of movies and the different things that go into editing and putting the film together from scratch.

- Do you like to work in a group?

- Yes, I do but in this workshop my job is more individual than in other workshops.

- Are you happy that you have come here?

- Of course, very much, because it is a new experience, I have made a lot of friends and I am practising English.

- Which is the most interesting country participating in the project?

- I think we are interesting ( referring to Spain) ( laugh ). Seriously I would say -Sweden because they are very different from us.

- Is there anything about the seminar that you don't like?

- That we eat too early and I'm not used to it.

- Which is the best part of the day?

- The night, without any doubt. The party, the music, and having fun all together.

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