Beatriz from the band workshop

- How have you been feeling for your first days here at the seminar?

- It is actually really nice, meeting new people from different places and I am enjoying it very much, it is a real fun.

- Do you think working with people from different countries and cultures is going to work?

- Yes and I think it is really good because we all have different points of view on everything, I might think something about a topic but you might be of a different opinion and we can compromise and get something that pleases everybody instead of doing it onl

- What are you working on in the band workshop?y on my or on your own.

- We are still deciding but we will probably play songs trying to include every instrument and all the singers to get some kind of unity, because that is what are we are here for. I just want to play and have fun with music.

-Thank you very much Beatriz.

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