Interview: Spots

Can you tell us what your workshop is about?
Pilar: It's about making short films and learning how professional camera works.
Valentin: My workshop is about short films. We are allowed to write a script for our own short film and then we're going to film it.
Ana: We’ve made one film. We wrote the script by ourselves, we filmed it and we did everything on our own. So it's really only our own work.

How about other people in your group?
Pilar: I like working with them, because everyone tries hard to be professional. We work together in small international groups and I'm in a very nice one.
Valentin: It's very international. I'm the only German person in my group, so we have to speak English all the time, which is good English practice.
Ana: It's good, because I can listen to opinions of other people at my age who aren’t from my country, but we share the same interests. So it's easy to work with them.

Why did you choose this workshop?
Pilar: Because this was the only workshop that interested me. And I like cameras, taking photos and recording videos, so it was the best option.
Valentin: I didn't choose it, I was just assigned to the group. But I was lucky, I think.
Ana: Because we can show our creativity in every aspect of filming - we make scripts, we act, we do everything from scratch.


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