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For the Seminar reporters and the Video clip workshop groups this was a busy week because they were reporting on all of the students’ work that had been done for the presentations, videos, pictures and websites. They had to be everywhere something was happening to catch the best moments on the camera and recorder. So we talked to Míša from the Seminar reporters and Daniel and Cassandra from Video clip groups to get to know about their work in these days, reflections about the seminar and communication with other participants.



Do you like your workshop? What do you do in it?

I like The Seminar Reporters group, we have a lot of free space to show our ideas and do different things – we can shoot pics, interview people, post on websites and just do whatever we like to do. My job is to post on facebook profile, I have to keep updating every day and inform about past and upcoming events to let people know what is happening. And I also like to take some pictures when I have the camera with myself.

Why did you came to Marienthal?

I’ve been here two years ago, and I very liked it. I was in a short film group with my friend, it was a lot of busier week that year than now because now I don’t have such a pressure on myself, so I don’t have to stress about anything which I like about this years Marienthal. Also I wanted to go back because I love this place and people, the atmosphere is very great, like the last year.

Do you think that this kind of seminar is worth to do again?

Yes of course, but I think it needs more people, the last time I was here, the whole place just seemed more busy and alive, people were everywhere. It’s good we have this kind of project – young people can self-realize in workshops which are lot of fun, and they can make a friends from other countries – yeah I think this is the best part from this project.



Kasandras view

Daniel in his words about the Seminar

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