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To deliver the main concept of the seminar, participants from the Actor and Short film workshop groups are even busier than the others because they have to represent the idea of the refugee crisis and catch every single moment to make it done. The short film can’t be shot without actors, so both workshop groups are working closely together. We’ve talked to Paula and Martin from the Actors and Petr from Short film group to get to know their duties and skills they have acquired in these days.



In the Actors workshop group we are rehearsing scenes for the short film about refugees. I have some friends from Germany, the Czech Republic and Sweden. I was really surprised to discover that all of them are so friendly and kind.

I’ve learned that being an actor is a very specific kind of job and acting in films is different from acting in the theater because of facial expressions. For example, on stage actors have to focus on body language more than on facial expressions and I think that is easier. Our group leader is Oliver who I really like as he always creates amicable atmosphere while work, but when it is needed, he always turns into a serious guy. 



How did you feel in your role as one of the refugees, was is comfortable for you?

It’s kinda hard to imagine how  real refugees feel, because I’ve never met or seen one in my life. But that interesting film we saw on Monday helped me a lot.


So what do you think about the film concept?

I’m glad we have chosen this kind of topic, which is trying to show how refugees live and which fate could meet them. But I don’t think that we have quite the right to shoot this film, because  most of us probably don’t have enough information about this whole ‚refugee situation‘, so I’m not  so certain of the authenticity of this script which we’ve created.

Has the shooting changed your view on immigrants?

I’m not sure if it‘s changed my opinion on refugees, but it‘s helped me to understand the whole situation. I’ve kept my opinion that I had at the beggining that when I’ve got a chance to help someone in need, I certainly do that.




How do you like the job behind the camera?

 I like it because you work with people, you can bring about your ideas and inspiration right into the process of filming. In fact the image I’ve got through the camera  is the picture people  see  after the film  is made, and I’m the first one who sees a part of it.

What do you think about the film concept?

I think it’s an up-to-date topic, and that’s why it’s very emotional for a big number of people, yet so many of them don’t like it. It takes  courage to shoot this kind of  film and it is hard to make such a  project, but I believe that people in the short film group have the appropriate  attitude towards  this issue to make it right.

 Do you think that you are a good team?

I think so. Even though some of us hadn’t had  any experience with making films before they came here, during the shooting everyone’s become an expert in their job. At  the beginning we had to re-shoot a couple of times, but now we‘ve got synchronized. Within the last couple of days we’ve become closer to each other, so I think the result will be as great as our team is.


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