It's not all about work...

The students in the workshop groups are still busy to have everything done before the seminar ends with group presentations. For singers and musicians this work is not as tense as for other groups because as they said, they really enjoy it and do everything taking their time. The singers and musicians constitute one big group called “the Band”, but they are separated because it is easier to work independently at some stage. We have asked Elizabeth, one of the singers, and Thomas, a musician, about their work and reflections considering their workshop group.

            Elizabeth: In our workshop group, basically, we sing a lot of songs referring to the main topic – refugees. We sing a lot of Michael Jackson’s songs, also some by Coldplay and Elvis Presley. We’ve learnt these songs by heart and today we are going to have a rehearsal with the musicians which is going to be amazing. I really like our workshop group because I can do what I love. We have a lot of free time during a singers’ working day, so we can go to the other groups, help them and look what they do. But we are working a lot actually. We rehearse one song for about an hour and after that the voice needs to relax. In my workshop group I have made friends with participants from other countries and it was quite easy because music really unites us.

            Thomas: I really like the people and atmosphere in my group and, of course, music makes me happy. I play the electric guitar and other participants play different instruments. I think we are doing a good job and I have already got new friends from different countries who attend my workshop. We are having great fun together, so the work we have to do does not feel so hard. 

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