One morning in Ostritz

Today is the 5th day for me here in Marienthal and it also is the 25th of September.

I and Sofie from Sweden decided to go to the “big” city here in Marienthal: Ostritz.

We took a walk down the river and it did not take that long, so before 10 a.m. where we were in the city. On the way down, we saw the beautiful lake, a lot of houses and more people than here in Marienthal.

Eventually when we came to the middle of the city we did take some time in the few small shops. We decided to buy some ice-cream and to

continue our walk.

We went into a church, but unfortunately, it was closed. It was a really nice church.

When we were in the supermarket, we were pretty surprised. Due to the fact, that Sofie is from Sweden, she was surprised by the cheap prices.

Then we talked home.


On our way home did we passed some more beautiful houses and some cows which we think did want us to give them food.

When we came back from Ostritz it was time for lunch. Today did we get potatoes-soup with sausage.

Tonight it is two countries who will have their national-night, hope it will be some fun!

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