How to be a Rockstar

The Band is one of the most popular workshops in the seminar. We talked to Annetta Sinedenius, she is the leader of the Workshop.

Can you tell me something about your workshop, what are you doing?

“We are playing and singing together. There’s a special theme for this year, the “Berlin wall”, so when I choose the songs, they are songs that could fit in to the topic so I choose “Wind of change”, songs about what was happening in Berlin, or songs that young people know, we work with the songs, we learn the melody. We worked this week in the, I think Monday, some time to get to know each other, so I think from Tuesday we’re gonna work until Friday and we perform our songs on Saturday.”

How long have you been in charge of this workshop?

“This is my third year here.”

Why is your workshop important for this seminar?

“Music is universal thing. Everybody plays something or like it, so this is an inspiration, like writing or making photos. Music is the beautiful thing to do.”

How much members you have in the band?

“There are two boys who playing and, I think four girls that sing. “

What are you think about the topic of the seminar?

“This year, I think the theme of the seminar is very good, but it is very clear that, so we visited Bautzen and the prison.”


We were also talking to Caroline from Poland and to Ieve from Lithunia.

“In the band I play the violin. Sometimes we are singing some songs, which I don’t know , but I like my group and I enjoy that I am here.”

Ieve, Lithuania.

“Most of the time I play the guitar and I like playing with Kamil. And why lie, I think that we are good here. We will all make a good performans hopefully.”

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