This seminar is coming to an end and it has gone really fast. We have been in Marienthal for a week and I have the feeling that we have just been here for two or three days! But I think that this can only be a positive sensation because when you are having fun the time passes very quickly and when you are bored every minute feels like an hour.

I have really enjoyed my week here in St. Marienthal and I would like to come back next year because this is the best experience you could have when you are a student because of the possibilities it offers and the people you can meet.

For me the St. Marienthal seminar is my home. I could stay here for a year without any problem. I haven’t missed my city or my regular timetable and this is because I am really enjoying my time here.

The thing I will never forget is the people, especially the friends I have made here. The idea of this project is mixing countries and cultures and it has been very successful because I have met people of 7 different nationalities working on the same project and I wish I could stay here much longer…

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