Alba from seminar reporters

IMG 1620- I’m going to tell you a word and you have to say the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear it. OK?

- Yes.

- Workshop? – Nice work.

- Party? – Fiesta

- Chimney room? – Party.

- St. Marienthal? – Big experience.

- Which workshop did you choose? Why?

- The seminar reporters because I like to communicate with people and interview them.

- Would you like to change anything in your workshop?

- No, not really. I like everything about it.

-  What are you working on in your workshop this week?

- We are making a presentation called a slideshow which is made of  lots of  pictures and it’s interesting and funny at the same time.

- Are you happy with the workshop that you’ve chosen?

- Yeah, I’m really happy. At the beginning I was a bit stressed out but now I’m very happy and relaxed.

- Would you recommend this project to other  students?

- Yes, because it’s a really good way to meet new people and cultures and it’s great.

- What is the most enjoyable thing about St. Marienthal?

- The best part are the evenings because we have parties and it’s easier to socialize.

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