Fresh look


UrbanTwo teachers new to the seminar have been interviewed to get to know their opinions and ideas about this annual meeting. Do they think this is a waste of time? Are they having any problems in St. Marienthal?

Both of them think that it is the best way to learn about different countries and cultures, to enrich the students’ knowledge, they believe that this is a great idea and they hope that every student could do it somehow. They are new, but they are not having any problems here apart from some language confusions -  “I feel like home,” said Andreana - everybody understands and tries to help.

Urban 2They were both asked about any changes they’d introduce to the seminar and one of them suggested that science could be incorporated in a workshop and I totally agree because we all are part of the nature! The other teacher would appreciate having more coffee…

To conclude, both interviewees think that this is a very interesting meeting to come to and even name it “ a peace project for the future”.  “This is going to make the world a better place,” said Urban.