Marcelina (Photography workshop)


marcela p- I’m going to tell you a word and you’ve got to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Is it OK?

- Sure!

- Workshop? – Photography.

- Party?– Dancing.

- St. Marienthal? – Alot of people.

- Which workshop did you choose? Why?

- Photography. Because I like taking pictures and being in pictures as a model.

- Would you like to change anything in your workshop?

- No, I think everything is really good. I think Urban is a great teacher  and I like my workshopmates. And I’m happy here!

-  What are you working on in your workshop?

-We take photos of people in Marienthal and we are going to show the best in a slideshow on Saturday and at an exhibition.

- Would you recommend this project to other  students?

- Yes, because people here are open-minded and we can learn new things and meet amazing pals so I will recommend this seminar and I am going to try to come here again.