Valentina from the short film workshop


DSCN37761- How have you been feeling on the first days here?

- I have been feeling very good. The people are really nice and I have made a lot of friends.

- What workshop did you choose? Why?

- I chose the short film workshop, because I really like the creative side of movies and the different things that go into editing and putting the film together from scratch.

- Do you like to work in a group?

- Yes, I do but in this workshop my job is more individual than in other workshops.

- Are you happy that you have come here?

- Of course, very much, because it is a new experience, I have made a lot of friends and I am practising English.

- Which is the most interesting country participating in the project?

- I think we are interesting ( referring to Spain) ( laugh ). Seriously I would say -Sweden because they are very different from us.

- Is there anything about the seminar that you don't like?

- That we eat too early and I'm not used to it.

- Which is the best part of the day?

- The night, without any doubt. The party, the music, and having fun all together.