Intercultural Seminar from 6th to 13th November!!

Hurray! The Intercultural Seminar of our network will definitely take place from the 6th to the 13th of November! The fundings are safe, so that we can assure this now. We felt so sorry that we had to cancel the seminar last year due to the lack of financial funds. But now it is really safe, that the seminar will take place. So please start to care about your preparations!

This years topic will be "Europe from then to now -  facing new challenges due to the refugee crisis". We will start with a short look back how we became what we are and then we try to exchange our experiences with refugees in the different countries. The feelings and  the politics toward refugees are very controversial. But as an international network with different cultural backgrounds we hope that this exchange about this topic can be very enriching and enlightening.  

As with every intercultural Marienthal Network seminar, we will work a lot in creative workgroups to discuss the topic and see what we can get our of it with an creative approach. As in former years expect workshops like Seminar reporter, short film/acting, video spots, music, perhaps internet radio.

-> The conference language will be English, all participants should be able to speak and understand basic Englisch (min. A2-Level)

We did open a new Facebook group "2016 Marienthal Intercultural Seminar", so if it is likely that you will be part of the seminar, please join our group!
We will bring every new information for the participants and the teachers of this years seminar into this group and after the seminar it is a good place for your photos and stories.

 For the moment it is safe that the schools of the network of the following countries are eligible to come: Latvia, Sweden, Germany (Hannover), Czech Republic, Poland (only Sieradz) and new to the intercultural seminar to the South Cheshire College (England). There are chances also that the colleagues from Vilnius (Lithuania) and Banja Luka (Bosnia) will join in too.

Unfortunately we will miss Fabrizio Falzini and his students from Rome this year - he will be on the inter religious seminar with Christian Fauth von Kreitmayr. The inter religious seminar shall take place the 23th -30th October. But the fundings for this seminar are not 100% safe yet, but there is a good chance that it will take place (according to Georg)


As preparation for the seminar we would like to ask the schools to prepare any kind of presentation (film, audio, interviews, wall paper, power point, role play) to this topic. Most interesting could be: How/How many refugees do live in your city, what is the situation for them in your town, how are the attitudes from them towards the native inhabitants and vice versa. We will have an unit on monday, where these results will be presented, not in form of a one to many presentation more like a "small fair" (world cafe) where smalls groups are cruising by the national presentations. We are curious about your contributions :-)

Creative workshops

As always on an intercultural seminar we will have the creative workshops. Pretty clear now is one workshop again with Olav Giewald and his colleagues from the SAEK Bautzen (omething with video spots/interviews/magazine program), The seminar reporters (still looking for someone, who would like to mentor this workshop), Acting/Shortfilm and singing/songwriting/band with Kamil Werner again  and perhaps Internet radio. If you have Ideas or are open to offer a creative workshop, please send a message to  Chris (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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