Intercultural/historical seminar 2015 cancelled

Sad news, which is now since some days definite:
 The annual intercultural network seminar, scheduled from the 1st  to the 8th November, will not take place this year, because we did not get enough funds for this year's seminar.
 This is really hard to believe for everyone, who had be to the seminar and everyone who works a bit longer in the field of international encounters. This seminar has made possible so much and rich encounters between young students (and teachers) from eight different european countries, that it is a bit a shame that fundings were every year again an issue for us. But the problem in all this years were, that bilateral encounters a much more common and that our multilateral approach falls a bit through the cracks of the programs of european foundations and sponsors.
We are working hard to get finances for 2016 and strongly believe that this year's outage will remain the one rare exception. 
Will not end this message without saying once more a big thank you to Rudi Schneider, co-founder and former head of the network, who has retired last year. He had cared so many years so much about all this organizational issues. We know now more then before, how important your (and Georg Salditts) work is for the network. Thank you, Rudi!
Please note: The new inter religious seminar with Christian Fauth, which follows the path of the witness seminars under the direction of Bogy Plagemann TAKES PLACE from the 4th to the 11th of October!

all the best to you,
We are looking forward to meet again in 2016.

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